Let There Be Light @ Side Street Studios

We would like to invite you to a silent art auction raising funds for Kalahari Catalyst, a project that aims to improve the quality of life in Utikom and Andriesvale, two Kalahari Desert villages, through the combination of art, permaculture and education. This auction will feature affordable artworks by local and international artists, and is one of three events that we will be hosting over the course of the next four months. The other auctions will be held in Johannesburg in March and Torino, Italy, in April.

Contributing artists include Hanno van Zyl (SA), Jonx Pillemer (SA), Linsey Levendall (SA), Andrzej Urbanski (GER/POL), Rowan Pybus (SA), Sydelle Willow Smith (SA), Falko (SA) Mak1one (SA), Scott Sueme (CAN), Indigo (CAN), Elicser (CAN)
Juma Mkwela (ZIM), Willard Kambeva (ZIM), Rooiwolf (SA), Freddy Sam (SA), Giacomo Cardoni (IT), Franco JAZ Fasoli (ARG), Juma Mkwela (ZIM, Terri Potratz (CAN), Willard Kambeva (ZIM), Lwando Lese (SA), Office Supplies Incorporated (CAN), MYMO (GER), Michael Tymbios (SA) Chekos'art (IT) and many more!

100% of the proceeds will go directly towards funding Phase 1 of the project, set to begin in early 2013.

Music by Caleb Eastwood, Liane Halton, Dave Knowles and DJ Lucky.
Cash bar by Citizen Beer