Kufa Urban Art project

After interaction with BR1, second session of Kufa Urban Art project presented the 4-days workshop of stencil hosted by Kulturfabrik and CNL in Mersch. 
Chekos'art, 167/b street from Lecce and Art Square asbl shared social moments with students of Polish school in Luxembourg: 20 poems of modern Luxembourgish literature were transformed into pieces of art and allowed the students and the artists to get to know the literature using spray, reflect about the power of four languages as well as interact with art from south of Italy. Results of the workshops: poems and mural of Chekos'art are open for public in Kulturfabric in Esch- sur-Alzette and CNL in Mersch.
Art Square Chekos'art Art Kitela Anka Piotr Gawel Kulturfabrik Esch-sur-Alzette Fred Entringer 167/B Street